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why are my Instagram reels not getting views

Success doesn’t come easy, especially for a creator on Instagram. With the ever-changing dynamics and algorithm patterns of Instagram, creators often find themselves in situations where nothing works in their favor. With the recent updates on IG, many creators have started getting fewer views on their reels. The situation is so tense that “Why are my Instagram reels not getting views?” has become the most searched IG query on search engines.

If you’re also a creator sharing the same struggles then you’ve stumbled upon the perfect place. That is because this blog will cover everything that you’ll need to understand the downfall of your reels views along with possible solutions to get back on track. Let’s dive right in!

Reels not getting views? – Here are some culprits to look for

It’s completely fine if your Reels not getting views all of a sudden. Chances are, it’s the same for every other creator on Instagram in case any updates were rolled out. However, there are individual factors as well that can strongly affect the views on your reels. 

Instagram reels suddenly not getting views - reels not getting views

1. You’re not delivering quality in your content

As crazy as it may sound it’s a fact that quality content is loved by everyone. However, many newbie creators fall for the “the more the better” trap which doesn’t get them anywhere. It’s crucial to understand that while staying consistent with the posting schedule, it’s also important to maintain and improve the quality of your reels in the process.

The thing is, many creators don’t really have access to quality gear and tools to actually increase their output quality. But it doesn’t mean that there’s nothing that they can do to tweak things up. Here are some approaches that you can try: 

  1. Use free editing software to color-correct your reels, add clean cuts, transitions, and many more things that’d help you increase your video’s quality.
  1. Shoot more stable raw footages for seamless editing. This can ensure that your videos turn out smoothly in the final stages.
  1. Use stabilization tools or software to make your reels videos smoother and pleasing to the eyes.

2. Are you using Hooks in your reels videos?

“Stop now, or you’ll never get views on your reels!” 

Sounds familiar? Well, that’s exactly what a hook is. A hook is supposed to make your audience cling to your reel and even extend the time they spend on your content. Moreover, a hook is also responsible for that initial response that either makes or breaks your content. The aim is to hook your audience within the first three seconds and make them stay so that the algorithm pushes your content to larger and much broader audiences.

A hook can be anything like:

  • An open-ended question
  • A glimpse of the big idea behind your reel
  • Addressing your audience or a common problem in a creative way
  • Announcing a quick giveaway to hook your audience 

3. You’re not leveraging trends for your profile

We’re sure that you must have stumbled upon some reels that don’t make any sense but have gathered millions of views and likes. Have you ever wondered what’s something they did that you missed?

Most of the time, such reels use trending elements like audios and ongoing trends to spike up their views and engagement in an instant. As a creator, you should be on the lookout for such trends and trending audios that are being used by the creators. It’s possible that incorporating these elements in your reels can prove to be highly beneficial and even end up giving you an edge over others.

How to find trending audio on Instagram?

Finding trending audio for your reels is no rocket science and doesn’t take more than a few steps. To get started:

  1. Go to your Instagram app
  2. Click on the reels icon at the bottom of the app
  3. Scroll through reels while looking for the trending audio tag
  4. There will be audios with trending tags that can be used to gain more reels views with minimum effort.

4. Maybe the algorithm was updated?

Just like we discussed earlier, it’s very likely that it’s not you but every other creator who’s searching up for “Why are my reels not getting views?” This usually happens when Instagram updates its core algorithm that is supposed to help your content reach an audience. If there is a sudden dip in all your performing videos, then it’s very likely that they were affected by an algorithm update.

However, you must not worry because the videos usually get back on track once the update is complete and successfully updated throughout the platform. Your best bet would be to sit back and experiment with your upcoming content to understand the new algorithm so your future videos can perform better. 

Moreover, you can even try free Instagram likes from to increase your engagement and make the algorithm promote your content. This way, you’ll be able to strive through even during the updates.

5. Use those Hashtags wisely

You can think of hashtags like a sailor who knows how to row through the sea and take its passengers to their destination. Similarly, using the right Hashtags can be a great way to help the algorithm understand the type of audience you’re targeting and land your reels exactly on their feed.

However, many creators don’t really understand the concept of Hashtags and end up using those boring old hashtags that don’t hold any value anymore. The secret to choosing the perfect Hashtag in your reels caption and making it work lies in understanding what your reel video is all about.

For example, let’s suppose you created a reel video on dogs and want to publish the video ASAP. In this case, you can use hashtags like #dogs #pet #doglover in your reels caption to target the audience that is either interested in these hashtags or has interacted with content having the same hashtags. Moreover, you should also check the volume of the Hashtags that you’re targeting for even more impressions and reach on your reels.

6. Are you posting your content at the right time?

Are you kidding me? How does posting timing matter with my Instagram reels not getting views? The thing is, it does matter! Let’s suppose the majority of your audience is active from 7 pm – 10 pm and their age group lies around 16-24, then would it make any sense to post at 3 in the morning? Of course not, right?

Age GroupBest Time to Post
13-175 PM -10 PM
18-243 PM -12 AM
25-347 PM – 11:30 PM
35-446 PM – 11 PM
45-546 PM – 10 PM
55-6410 AM – 9 PM
65+9 AM – 9 PM

Most successful creators keep tabs on their analytics and their audience’s behavior to figure out tons of details that can actually help them get more views on their reels. Audience activity timing is one such thing that can easily help you increase the visibility and impressions of your content. To boost your growth further, you can even try investing in growth services to buy Instagram reels views for more impressions and reach of your Instagram reels.

Note: Age is not the only factor that you must focus on while deciding your ideal time to post on Instagram. It can be different for everyone and as a creator, you must also focus on your own insights and metrics to find the best time to post according to your audience.

Ready to Spike Up Your Instagram Reel Views?

We hope that this blog successfully cleared all your confusion around your query “Why are my Instagram reels not getting views?” The problems discussed in the blog might seem basic but they hold very high significance when it comes to increasing your reels views and the creators who crack this code reach the peaks of their careers in almost no time.

As a newbie creator, it can be difficult to navigate through the complexities of the platform, which is why you should check out our blog on How To Get 100k Views On Reels For Beginners. The blog covers everything that a beginner creator would need to embark on their content creation journey and get tons of views on their videos.

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