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How to get 100k views on reels

Want to get viral on Instagram? Instagram is ruling the world of social media and thriving over the platform requires one to understand IG and crack its algorithm. Features like Instagram reels help creators and businesses in reaching a broad audience.

Widespread reach results in more IG views but requires that your reel stands out. A high view count i.e. 100k,1M is considered a milestone. Aiming for such numbers raises the question of How to get 100k views on reels.

Curious? Let’s find out.

How to get 100k views on reels?

Attempting to get 100k reel views on Instagram requires one to strategize the content. Taking ideas to boost views on reels is crucial. One must start to gain more views on Instagram reels to become significant on instagram.

Focus on optimizing the reel content such that it offers more audience engagement. Instant results might be your demand but it takes a viable strategy to be followed to capture 100k views on Instagram reels.

Strategies to Get More Views on Reels

An appropriate strategy can take your reel view count to a higher level. It lays down the path to be followed to reach milestones like 100k views on reels. Here are a few tried and tested strategies to boost your reel views on instagram.

Strategies to Get More Views on Reels

1. Understanding Reels algorithm

It is essential to understand what appeals to the audience and hooks them to the content. Moreover, The reel algorithm is majorly based on hooking the audience to your content. If there is no hook in the initial 3 to 5 seconds of the reel, Instagram pushes it downwards.

Also, not optimizing Instagram reels as per the upgrades might lower the views and impressions. Your focus should be on creating a hook and optimizing your reel to reach your target. 

2. Hop on trends

Following the trends is the best way to draw user’s attention to your profile. Creating reels using viral dance steps, hooks for informative content, and lipsyncing trendy songs can shoot up the views on your reel.

Hopping on trends is great and all but do you ever consider making these trendsetting reels? Not yet? then pick up your device and shoot a reel to make you stand out among other creators.

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3. Create top-notch content

Focusing on the quality of content is the first step while making a reel. The vertical orientation of the reel with a quality of 1080 * 1920 pixels and an aspect ratio of 9:16 will optimize it for the platform.

One must keep a check on the placement of objects and how well are they visible. To ensure everything looks presentable, use natural as well as professional lighting. This will help you in creating high-quality content that appeals to the audience. 

4. Use trending Instagram Hashtags

Tags that relate to your content and can ease the process of reaching the target audience are important to be added to the reel. One can add upto 30 hashtags in captions therefore, these must relate to your content. Mind it, as per 2024 updates adding only 3-7 relevant hashtags helps in surfacing your reel to the explore page.

One can research trending hashtags and other relevant tags that will help in getting more Instagram reel views. Some of the most used tags are #foryoupage, #explore, #explorepage, #viral and #instagood.

5. Post BTS: Behind the scenes of crafting reel

Viewers are widely interested in watching what happens behind the scenes while making a reel. One must document the process and post it to drive more views on reels.

You can even advertise your brand by posting ‘behind the scenes’ clips of your work culture. This will be inspirational for the audience and additionally hike the engagement rate.

6. Capitalize on trending music

Trending audio and music, too, can drive the audience to the reel. Currently, The world of social media revolves around millennials and Gen Z. They are ready to hop on trends and follow them wholeheartedly.

The volume of reels made with the trending sounds helps in knowing the reach of your reel. You should pay attention to the trends and keep saving the best ones for yourself.

7. Use existing reel templates

Instagram provides several reel templates for users to create content easily. Various Instagram influences work on crafting their templates. These can be used as a base for your reel.

Further, The existing templates drive more views as the number of template users is huge. Figure out an appropriate template for your reel and SHOOT!

8. Create Appealing thumbnails

Creative thumbnails or ‘Instagram reel covers’ draw the viewer’s attention to the reel. It must contain a brief context about the reel. Appealing frames and aesthetic color palettes will beautify the thumbnail.

IG reels thumbnail must indicate what’s more behind the reel. If a viewer is satisfied that there is something more entertaining and value-adding behind the thumbnail, they will definitely view it. This will result in more reel views on Instagram

9. Craft Compelling Captions

Captions that raise curiosity among the viewers will easily bring more views to the reels. Moreover, if the caption is drafted with relevant questions and a call to action, it will certainly increase engagement.

Besides being creative, writing Instagram captions that convey the context of the reel is equally important. Add relevant emojis, keywords, and hashtags to craft a killer caption.

10. Post consistently

You might have thousands of ideas in mind but if you don’t execute them, they are meaningless. Do not procrastinate or delay your content. You must decide the days and time when you want to post your reels, schedule it, and be consistent.

Posting consistently on Instagram will keep your viewers engaged with your content and profile. This will facilitate you to get more views on reels and reach 100k figure ASAP.

11. Buy Instagram Reel Views

Things take time to work out but this is the era where we all dream of instant results. If you too want to instantly increase views on Instagram reels, buying Instagram reel views should be your due course of action. 

You can consider reliable service providers to buy instant views and choose the most suitable plan for yourself. This will instantly boost your reel with the targeted volume of views and support the growth of content. 

Tips to Increase Views on Instagram Reels

Here are some tips besides the strategies we have discussed so far to help you understand how to get 100k views on reels. You will realize how beneficial these are in providing instant growth to your reels.

a. Promote your Reels

If you feel your reels are not getting the attention they deserve, you have the alternative of promoting your Instagram reel which will ultimately bring more profile views on Instagram. All you have to do is tap on the boost icon below the reel you want to promote and next, choose your goal and target audience.

Form a proper budget and focus on Instagram insights to know whether the promotion was worth it or not. You must ensure that the cost of promotion is recovered with the increase in views on IG reels.

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b. Share reels to Instagram story

Sharing your reel on Instagram story can 10x your Instagram reel views. HOW? let’s find out. 

The audience might not scroll their home feed but are intimidated by the story icon on the top of the page. Adding your reel to the story and covering it with a creative sticker will increase the interest of the viewer. This will ensure that the viewer clicks on it and this will ultimately increase views on your reels.

c. Reply to Comments

Engaging and interacting with the audience represents how much you value them. Content that includes infographics and CTA will instantly bring comments.

Try and reply to the majority of the relevant comments to increase engagement rate and views on Instagram reels.

d. Convert highlights into reels

Are you out of content ideas? Need to post something to stay consistent? 

Converting highlights into reels is an easy way to stay in the eyes of people without having any new content. It is a cakewalk to create a reel out of Instagram highlights.

Simply hop on your profile page >select highlight > tap on ‘Create’ at the bottom of the page > select the audio >tap on next >share.

Strategy Analysis

Lastly, Working along random strategies won’t fetch you enough engagement on your reel. You must find out the most compatible strategies that are relevant to your content by analyzing IG metrics and stats alongside your content.

Instagram metrics will provide you with suitable Instagram insights for your reel. This will help you understand the viewer’s interest so that you make content that appeals to them.

Why are your reels not getting views?

You might be wondering why your reels don’t get enough views. On the other hand, your competitors are getting views in millions with similar content.

There could be various reasons why your reel isn’t performing well:

  • The reel is not in a vertical format 
  • The hook of the reel is too weak
  • The quality of content is severely poor
  • The reel is too long
  • You don’t post your reel at an appropriate time
  • Reels are not optimized as per Instagram

What is the best time to post reels on Instagram?

There is no specific best time for posting reels. But it has been seen that reels perform better from 9 AM To 12 PM in general.

One can avoid posting on weekends as most of the population is busy spending time with family and preparing for the upcoming week.

How does Instagram reel length affect views?

The duration of the reel can range from 15 seconds to 90 seconds. However, due to the shorter attention span of the audience, it is seen that reels between 30 to 60 seconds capture maximum views on Instagram. 


Reaching the milestone of 100k reel views is not complex once you plan and strategize your Instagram content. Analyze your existing stats, Generate insights, and optimize your Instagram reels with new innovative strategies.

Innovation in IG content can make you reach great heights in terms of engagement. Instagram reels should be intended to entertain and inspire the audience which will in turn drive views to your reels and thrive you in the social world.

With an increase of platforms in the social media cosmos, One must try and build their presence across Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Understanding how to get more YouTube views will also help you with a large audience and a strong appearance on the platform.

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People Also Ask

  1. How to instantly increase views on Instagram reels? 

To gain instant views on Instagram reels, craft them with a hook and engage through comments. You can even consider BuyInstantViews for increasing views on your reel quickly.

  1. Why are my Instagram reels not getting views?

You might not be getting reel views due to poor quality, weak hook, and less optimization of your Instagram reel.

  1. How do you make a reel go viral?

Having 100k+ views on IG reels is considered to be viral. You must understand how to get 100k views on reels. Work on the quality of content, use trendy sounds and hashtags, and craft thumbnails and captions that appeal to the audience.

  1. Do hashtags work on reels?

Definitely yes, the more relevant hashtags you put, the more viral the reel gets. Ensure using trendy keywords as hashtags in the caption.

  1. Can I see who watched my reels?

No, there is no way yet to see who watched your Instagram reel, unlike Insta stories.

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