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how to reply on Instagram comments

There are two types of creators on Instagram, the first type that creates content while the second type ends up building a whole community. But do you know what cultivates such a huge difference between creators? It’s the way they treat and interact with their followers. And what could be better than personally replying to the Instagram comments they leave on your videos?

Now, it’s obvious that you must already know how to comment on Instagram. But did you know that you can also reply with reels on the comments on your reels? No, we’re not kidding! Instagram now allows creators to shoot reels and mention any comment in that particular reel itself. The feature is super useful and we’re here to answer the most-asked query of ‘how to reply on instagram with reels’. So let’s dive right in!

Why is replying to Instagram comments important?

Every creator on Instagram knows how Instagram comments are one of the strongest forms of engagement on the platform. While likes and shares hold their own significance, reel comments signal to the algorithm that your content is great and that you have a strong follower base.

However, it’s not just Instagram comments that help a profile grow, it’s the overall activity that happens around your profile and content. That’s exactly why you should reply on Instagram comments to establish a strong connection with your audience. This way you can easily bag more engagement and increase reel views for continued organic growth on Instagram.

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The best part about using reels to reply to your followers is that creators can expect anywhere around 1000-1400 new followers weekly with each reel they post. Making it one of the best features to grow your followers quickly but organically. 


Stepping Up the Instagram Comment Replies with Reels

Instagram understood that the users were getting bored with those boring old text comments and replies and that’s why they brought the comment gifs on Instagram update. But you know what? Even GIF comments feature wasn’t enough to express ourselves that is when IG rolled out the Reply with Reels feature on Instagram.

The feature allows users to reply to the comments on their reels by making a video reel reply. How cool is that? And it’s not just about shooting a reel, it’s about providing your followers with a one-on-one personalized connection. But how exactly can you do it?

How to reply on Instagram comments with reels?

How to reply on Instagram comments with reels - Instagram comment replies

Replying to a Reels comment with a reel video itself sounds so ironic right? Well as ironic as it might sound, it has become a reality now! Any Instagram creator who has posted a story can easily. Here’s how to reply to Instagram comments with a reel video in 5 easy steps:

  1. Identify the comment that you want to reply with a reel on and hit ‘Reply’ once you’re ready.
  2. Click on the camera icon next to the reply section to enter the Reels recording panel.
  3. Record an awesome reel video reply for that particular comment
  4. Once done, you can edit your reel and adjust the comment sticker as per your need.
  5. Finally, hit the post button and your reel (with the comment) will get uploaded to your profile.

Time to spice up your Instagram Reels replies 🔥

We’re sure that you must already be fascinated by this awesome update from Instagram. But did we mention that it doesn’t stop at just shooting a video? You read it right! Instagram even allows you to customize the video reply however you like. Here’s everything that you can do with your Reels replies:

Customize the size of the PIP (Picture-In-Picture) reply

Before shooting the reply video, Instagram users can change the size of the reply they’re replying to. This can be done to either make the reply more or less visible depending on the requirement of the video. All you need to do is pinch in for zooming out or pinch out for zooming into the comment.

1. Change the color of the Instagram reply

Instagram even allows creators to change the color of the PIP comment they post on response to instagram comments. Just tap on the comment and it will cycle through multiple color options. Choose the one that works for you and you’re good to go.

2. Change the position of the comment sticker

The comment sticker can come in between you and your follower and that is why, there’s an option to change the position of the sticker itself. It’s super easy! Just hold your comment sticker and drag it to wherever you want the sticker to be.

3. Select how long you want the comment sticker to stay on the reel

Last but not least, you can choose the display duration of your comment sticker with ease. You can do this while you’re editing your reel by clicking on the timeline at the bottom of your screen. Then select the comment sticker and drag its edges to select the duration, starting and ending points of the sticker.

Instagram Reels Replies for Business and Creator Accounts

Now that you know how to reply on Instagram comments with reels it’s time for you to make use of this feature. As we discussed earlier in this blog, the update is feature-packed and has tons of benefits for both creators and businesses. So buckle up, because we’re diving into all the benefits that you can gain from replying with Reels videos on your Instagram reels comments.


  • As a business, replying with reels on your reels can be a great way to directly engage with your potential customers and build a strong trust for your brand and products.
  • Businesses can even reply with promotional and giveaway Reels to spike up their sales and visibility over the platform.
  • Brands and businesses can compile reels replies with growth services to buy Instagram Reels views and increase your reels views while increasing your engagement simultaneously.


  • As a creator, you must be getting lots of appreciation comments from your followers. You must not let such opportunities go away and reply to your audience’s comments with generosity. And what could be better than curating a custom reel reply for them?
  • If you’re a creator then you must already know about all the fun moments that happen behind the scenes. You can reply to your reel comments by posting some behind-the-scenes and sneak peek Reels videos to engage your audience.
  • Creators usually have to face tons of questions and it’s very common. Naturally, your followers are curious about your life, works, and all sorts of stuff which is clearly visible in the comment section. In such cases, you can simply shoot a reel reply for them instead of creating a whole FAQ video. This way, you can save time and lots of hard work that you’d put in a full-length FAQ video.
  • There can be times when your followers would ask for tutorials and how-to’s in your comment sections. These are perfect opportunities to generate new content while also building a healthy relationship with your followers. This way, you can hit two birds with one stone by fulfilling both your growth and audience’s needs.

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Bagging Instant Instagram Views with Reel Comments

Before this update, Instagram comments would only contribute to a profile’s organic engagement while not affecting visibility or impressions. However, after the update, every creator that replied with reels on their reel comments experienced a surge in their views on the original reel videos as well as newly shot reels videos. 

Ideally, any reel or post gets around a 0.98% engagement rate but anyone who has used reels to reply to their comments has witnessed a significant spike in this number. Here is exactly how reel replies have been spiking the engagement rates for creators.

  • Your reply reel video is pinned in the comments

The primary reason for this is that every time you reply with a reel video, the reply is linked to the newly made reel. This way, anyone who checks the comments section can directly jump to the reply video you posted on any comments.

response to Instagram comments - reel views on Instagram
  • The algorithm has been promoting reels video comments

As per the recent trends, we can conclude that the Instagram algorithm has been promoting such content all over the platform. So this is the perfect opportunity for new creators to enhance their engagement and increase Instagram Reels views simultaneously.

  • The engagement turns into views

Your followers can engage with your video comment reply in the comments section. This engagement is noticed by the algorithm and again, your reel would be promoted organically snagging tons of impressions and views for you. The best part is that leveraging this update can help anyone who’s suffering with their Instagram reels not getting views.

Wrapping it up!

Instagram Reels video replies have been flooding the platform in 2024 and there’s no doubt about it. Creators have understood the potential of the update and have already been leveraging it to get as many Instagram views and likes as they can. Now that you know how to reply on Instagram comments with Reels videos it’s time for you to ditch the boring old text replies and dive into the world of multimedia and supercharge your organic growth like never before!

People Also Ask

1. What to reply to IG comments?

There is no specific way or set of words that you can comment on Instagram. The platform promotes freedom of speech and lets users comment anything as long as their comments don’t go against the platform guidelines.

2. Should you reply to Instagram comments?

Yes, you must reply to the comments on your Instagram posts. IG comments are one of the strongest forms of engagement on the platform and you must make the most out of it by replying to most of the comments you receive.

3. When you’re responding to a comment, how do you add an image of the comment to your post/Reel?

To add an image of the comment on your reel:

Go to the comment you want to reply on > Click on reply > Select the camera icon > The comment sticker will appear on your screen with the option to shoot your reel

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