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What Are Free Instagram Views?

With over 2 billion monthly active users, Instagram has become a battlefield of content creators, influencers, and businesses, competing to reach the heights of Instagram. Someone’s success on Instagram is often measured by the number of views they have on their posts. At BuyInstantViews, you can get upto 25 free IG views every week with our free trial service and start your digital growth on Instagram.

Why Should You Try Free IG Views?

Instagram views have become a very important metric to measure any profile’s digital impact. However, it can be very difficult for a new profile to gain IG views because of the hard work and dedication it requires. 

If you’re someone who wants to succeed in their digital career but can’t dedicate enough time then you can use our trial service to gain free IG views and enjoy multiple benefits like:

  • More visibility: The views we deliver are from 100% real users who can trigger the algorithm to suggest your videos to a wider audience which increases your visibility in the long run.

  • More Impressions: The enhanced visibility you gain with our free IG views can instantly increase your impressions and help you grow your profile steadily.

  • Increase in Followers: When you get free Instagram followers with our trial service, your credibility increases amongst your viewers. This credibility can make your audience think that “your content must be great to gain so many views” which can motivate them to follow you for your future content.

  • Organic Growth: With enhanced visibility, impressions, and followers, your engagement will increase automatically contributing towards your long-term organic growth.

How to Get Free Instagram Views?

Free Instagram views

To get free instagram views, follow the process below:-

Step 1: Set your profile to public to get started.

Step 2:  Enter your username and email

Step 3:  Choose the post you want to receive the free views on

Step 4: Verify your email and enjoy 25 free Instagram reel views delivered instantly

Who Can Get Benefits by Using Our Free Instagram Views Service?

As an Individual / Influencer As a business
You can get upto 25 free IG views with our trial service before making up your mind to buy our paid Instagram views services to get lots of views on your posts. You will probably need thousands of views to promote your products and services over Instagram. In that case, you can try out our free Instagram reel views service before using our paid services to buy millions of Instagram views.
If you’re looking forward to making a career as an Instagram influencer, then increasing your views with our free service can help you with that You can use our free views trial service to build your business’s authority to establish a strong digital presence on Instagram.
Your popularity can increase rapidly if your posts have lots of views. It creates a sense of belief between you and your audience that can even compel them to follow you. Using our free trial service for Instagram views can help you reach a large audience and build their trust in your products and services.
Choosing our trial service to increase your IG views can help you get noticed by brands and businesses for sponsorship and marketing opportunities. You can skyrocket your sales by reaching your potential customers with our free views service.

Things to consider before you get free Instagram reel views

There are many websites out there that one can use to get free views on their posts. However, most of these websites can’t be trusted with their services because of their bad reputation and service quality.

To make sure you choose the right service for free IG views, you must take care of certain criteria like:


  • Website’s authority: The website you choose to get free views must be trustworthy. You can figure out a website’s authority by going through its reviews and search engine ranking. If the website has enough positive reviews and ranks amongst the top 10 search results, then you can trust that website to get your free IG views.

  • Quality of views: Most services deliver free views from fake and bot Instagram users. Meanwhile, a trusted website like Buyinstantviews will always deliver real views from genuine Instagram users that contribute to your profile’s organic growth.

  • Delivery speeds: You must choose a social media service that delivers your views instantly after you place your order.

  • Price of service: The service you choose should offer a variety of packages in affordable price ranges. 

  • Customer Support: You must make sure that your service provider has an active customer support service to help you solve any problems that may arise with their services. Trusted services like Buyinstantviews have a 24/7 customer support service to solve all your queries within minutes.
Checklist For Getting Free Insstagram Views

What Is BuyInstantViews, and How Does It Work for Free Instagram Reel Views?

Boost in engagement

Buyinstantviews is the leading Instagram growth service that offers 100% genuine services including:

Our services have assisted numerous Instagram users in reaching new heights in their careers, proving highly effective in enhancing impressions, engagement, and organic growth.

Whether you’re an individual, influencer, or business owner looking to boost engagement on Instagram, our free IG views service allows you to receive up to 100 free views every week. This can help elevate your engagement, establish social proof, and provide the organic boost your engagement needs. Try our free service before considering our paid options.

Why Choose Us?​

Our Instagram growth service trials are used by millions of users to gain free Instagram reel views. 

  • 100% Real Views: The free views we deliver are from genuine and active Instagram users. These views contribute towards your impressions and take your organic growth to the next level.


  • Quick Delivery: Our AI-driven system starts delivering your free views as soon as you place your order.


  • It’s Safe: Our website comes with an integrated 256-bit SSL certificate which keeps your data safe from any third-party threats.


  • Your Privacy Matters: We never ask for your passwords to deliver your free Instagram views.


  • Weekly renewal: You can use our free IG views service to gain upto 25 free Instagram views every week.


  • 24×7 Support: Our customer support executives are always ready to solve your queries regarding our services. Moreover, you can also contact our customer support to switch to our paid services if you like our trial service.
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No, Instagram doesn’t count video repeats as a view. The algorithm only counts one view per profile.

We start delivering your free Instagram views instantly after you place your order. The whole process is completed within seconds.

Getting free Instagram views from buyinstantviews doesn’t compromise your profile’s safety in any way.

Instagram’s algorithm can start suggesting your content on the Explore page once your posts start getting thousands and millions of views with great engagement. If you want to land on the IG Explore page, you can buy Instagram likes and views from us to increase your views and engagement to appear on the Explore page.

No one would realise if you buy Instagram views from us because the views we deliver are from genuine and active Instagram users.

Yes, you must have a public profile to receive your free Instagram views.

Our website has a 256-bit SSL certificate to keep your profile safe and sound.

Yes, it’s completely legal to get free Instagram views with our trial service. Thousands of customers use our services to get free Instagram views without facing any legal issues.

A view is counted when a viewer watches your Instagram video for over 3 seconds.