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why are my YouTube shorts not getting views

YouTube shorts are not a mere feature anymore! It has evolved as an integral part of the platform capable of boosting any profile to its heights. However, not everyone excels at YouTube shorts especially the new creators who are often seen asking “Why are my YouTube shorts not getting views?”

The path to getting millions of views on YouTube is a long one and can be full of obstacles. To cross these obstacles, you’ll need to identify the problems and come up with solutions to overcome them. That’s why this blog will cover everything about growing your YouTube shorts views and acing your digital career overnight. 

Are your YouTube shorts not getting views? Here’s why!

There can be many reasons behind the downfall of your YouTube shorts views. There are times when you’ll be doing everything that you can do to grow your channel but still end up with a fall in their YT shorts views. This can often demotivate the creators and leave them with doubts like “Why are my YouTube shorts not getting views?”. 

To end your channel’s misery and get you back on track here are the 10 possible problems that you might be facing along with the solutions to those problems.

1. You’re not Targeting the Algorithm

The algorithm plays a significant role when it comes to targeting your audience either directly or indirectly. While there is no way to actually understand the dynamic of the YouTube algorithm, as it keeps changing with time, the scope of actually targeting the algorithm to help you grow also narrows down. 

Counter approach

To counter this, you can test out your content for a week and check out exactly what type of approach is helping you leverage the algorithm for your benefit.

3. It might be your inconsistency

Consistency is a major issue for most of the creators on YouTube and it’s completely understandable considering the competition on the platform. However, inconsistency can become a curse for your channel when it comes to YouTube shorts. YouTube shorts are short-lived content and can get lost in the content of other creators if you’re inconsistent.

Possible Solution

All you need to do is prepare a proper posting schedule and a manageable content calendar to ensure consistent production of content. For even more consistency, you can produce your videos in clusters and keep a buffer of them for times when you’re short of content or can’t produce any.

3. Quality with Quantity

While the frequency and number of your video uploads matter on YouTube, the quality of your videos would determine the actual growth of your channel. YouTube shorts are just 60 seconds long and a creator must take care of everything that can improve the overall experience for their viewers.

How to introduce quality in content?

It’s quite easy! A creator just needs to invest in better gear, editing softwares, and their videography and editing skills.

4. Audience targeting

One of the major mistakes that most creators and even professionals are seen making is that they don’t target their audience smartly which often becomes the reason of their YouTube shorts not getting views.

To Target your audience correctly, you can either use relevant hashtags or buy YouTube views from to reach a broader and more relevant audience.

5. Hashtags do matter!

Using the wrong hashtags or not using hashtags at all are some major mistakes that most creators make. While using the wrong hashtags can make your content end up in front of the wrong audience, not using any hashtags strictly limits any content that you post.

What to do?

A simple solution is to use resonating hashtags that go with your content and have great potential to help your content reach the audience of your choice. Suppose, you’re a fashion influencer then you can use hashtags like #fashion #apparel #clothing and more to reach the audience that’s interested in similar content. Moreover, you can even use YouTube tags for views on your shorts and long-form videos.

6. Can’t hook your audience

No matter how accurately you target your audience, it won’t mean a thing if you can’t hook them to your content and make them stay until the end of it. Most creators fail at hooking their audiences which later becomes a great reason for getting less views on YouTube shorts.

How to hook audience to your shorts?

As per the basic rule of thumb, you must hook your audience within the first 3 seconds of your YT short. And this can be done by adding an open-ended question, showing your audience a glimpse of the value they will gain from your video, or even by telling your audience about any giveaways hidden in your video.

7. A mess of niches

Another blunder that’s usually made by newbie YouTube shorts creators is that they don’t stick to a niche and keep destroying their chances of going viral themselves. Practicing this often ends up confusing the algorithm, becoming the reason of your channel’s demise.


The solution lies in the problem itself. You just have to identify your audience and stick to a niche that works best for you. If you’re a newbie, you can experiment a little and keep an eye on your metrics until you find the niche you like creating content on.

8. Are you tracking your metrics? 

YouTube shorts not getting views - check your youtube metrics

YouTube studio is a great tool to measure metrics and see what’s actually working for you. However, most creators still don’t pay attention to their metrics and usually end up doing random stuff to see some progress.

Even if a creator pays attention to their metrics, they might not know what to do with the data and again, it results in nothing but failure which can be easily avoided by taking the right steps and using the data from metrics for your advantage. For example, if you check your YT studio and your YouTube shorts watch hours are hitting rock bottom then it’s a sign that videos are not performing well.

The ideal step would be to work on the reasons that are causing the dip and fix them in time. Practicing this consistently can be a great investment and place your videos amongst the most viewed YouTube shorts. Who knows?

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9. Social media platforms are your best friend

YouTube is one of the few platforms that allows free and fair promotion of its content on all other social media platforms. Let it be websites, Pinterest, Spotify, TikTok, and many more. If you’re an artist, then you can share your songs or videos in audio and video format on Spotify and TikTok. Similarly, photographers can use platforms like Pinterest to post their work and drive new audiences to their YouTube shorts.

To get even better results you can buy TikTok views, invest, and get free Instagram likes to increase your engagement over these platforms and bring even more audience to your YouTube channel.

10. Lack of crispness in content

Crispness or the length of YouTube shorts has started to matter a lot. The competition has increased exponentially and that is the major reason why creators must focus on delivering more within the time frame of 60 seconds.
To create better and crispier content a creator can:

  • Create content as per the ideal YouTube shorts length which is around 30-48 seconds. Not too long to bore the user and not too short to put a cap on your creativity.
  • Use hooks and transitions to keep your audience engaged with your YouTube shorts. Transitions are a great way to switch scenes without actually cutting your video’s total length. 

Wrapping it up!

Things are not as simple as just identifying the problems with your channel, content, layout, or anything else to create a really engaging video. However, things can go south a little for newbie creators, and despite all their efforts, they can make some mistakes which can become the reason for their YouTube shorts not getting views. That is exactly when you can create better content by utilizing the takeaways from this blog.

We hope this blog will help you in your continued growth. You can also check out our blog on How many views do you need to make money on YouTube for a roadmap to start earning through YT.

People Also Ask

  1. How Are YouTube Shorts Different From Traditional Long Form Content?

YouTube Shorts are very different than the traditional long-form video content on YT for many reasons. However, the major difference between the two is that YouTube shorts have a time limit of 60 seconds while traditional YouTube videos don’t have an upper time limit.

  1. How to increase views on YouTube?

Growth on YouTube is a slow and steady process and there are very limited ways that one can use to increase their views on YouTube. Some of those methods include organic promotion, production of better content, paid promotion, and investing in paid services to get free TikTok views.

  1. Can I earn money with YouTube shorts?

YouTube is a great platform to earn money as a creator which can be scaled to unknown heights if you’re passionate about the same. Initially, you couldn’t really earn any money through YouTube shorts but with time, the policies changed and now anyone can work on short-form content and make a fortune with YouTube shorts

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