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How to Buy Instagram Views?

Get your hands on our Instagram views service packages in just 3 easy steps:

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Go through our our wide range of budget friendly IG views packages and choose the one that fits your requirements.

Enter Username

Enter your username and select the video you want to buy the views for. (Make sure your account is set to public

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What are Instagram Views?

When someone watches your IG videos, it is counted as an Instagram view. However, Instagram’s view-counting process is not that simple. Your video views are only counted when a viewer watches your video for at least 3 seconds or more.

Moreover, Instagram only counts one view per account, which means Instagram won’t count it as a view even if a viewer watches your videos multiple times, on a loop, or revisits your videos.

Your Instagram videos can be discovered by your followers or anyone on Instagram if your account is public.

What Are Instagram Views

What is the Importance of Instagram Views?

Importance of instagram views

Every creator and business on Instagram is obsessed with the views on their videos. This obsession is completely justified considering how important Instagram views have become in the present time.

The number of Instagram views has become so important because they contribute to your:

  • Overall Visibility: Your chances of reaching new audiences increase as your IG view count increases. Having lots of Instagram views directly contributes to your visibility and organic reach over the platform.
  • Organic growth: With a greater number of views and visibility, your Instagram videos can trigger the algorithm to promote your content. When your IG videos have tons of views, they can trick the algorithm into organically spreading your content over the platform which can further result in enhanced organic engagement and more IG followers.
  • Future monetization opportunities: Having lots of views on your videos can open multiple monetization opportunities for you in the form of sponsorships and brand promotions.
  • Credibility: Your audience can see the number of Instagram views and when you have lots of views on your Instagram videos, the viewers subconsciously start trusting your profile and content which can even make them follow you for more future content.
  • Sales and Marketing: Most businesses and brands use Instagram to promote their products and services over the digital landscape which is why they focus a lot on the number of their Instagram views. With tons of Instagram views, your chances of reaching your ideal customers increase as well.

  • Why You Should Buy Instagram Views?

    Thousands of creators and businesses buy Instagram views from us to take their digital growth to the next level. Our Instagram views service is one of our best-selling products because of the benefits it brings for different types of users.

    Who should Buy Instagram views and why?

    benefits of buying instagram views as an influencer

    As a Creator

  • You can buy Instagram views to increase your visibility and reach new audiences for more organic impressions and reach.
  • You can expect a rapid increase in your engagement and impressions after you buy Instagram views which can trigger a cycle of never-ending organic growth.

  • As an Influencer

  • Get an edge over your competitors and see your view count increase in almost no time.
  • More views attract more engagement in the form of comments, likes, and shares for influencers.
  • As a Business

  • You can easily increase your reach to a wider audience and increase your sales if you buy Instagram views from buyinstantviews.
  • You can instantly build your business’s authority and make your audience trust your products and services by buying Instagram views from us.
  • You can buy Instagram views to trigger the Instagram algorithm into understanding your niche and suggesting your videos to your ideal customers.
  • You can instantly buy Instagram views for a specific product or service video to increase its sales with our budget-friendly packages.

  • benefits of buying instagram views for businesses

    How Instagram Views Will Help To Gain Engagement?

    Buying Instagram views is a great way to boost your visibility and gain more impressions instantly. This visibility boost is noticed by Instagram’s algorithm which compels the algorithm to suggest your video to reach a broader audience organically.

    Moreover, the IG algorithm is smart enough to understand your niche and target the perfect audience to suggest your videos to. This audience resonates with your content and niche which can even make them like, share, and comment on your videos ultimately skyrocketing your organic engagement.

    How Does It Work for Instagram Views?

    Buyinstantviews is one of the best social media growth services to grow your digital presence as a creator, influencer, brand, or business owner. With Buyinstantviews, you can instantly increase your views and organic growth with services like instagram reel views, tiktok views.

    Why Choose Us?

    Buyinstantviews has become a leading website for social media growth services. With the trust of thousands of regular customers, we have been providing the best Instagram views services for over 10 years.

    Why choose us
    1. It’s quick: Our AI-driven service has been fine-tuned to deliver your Instagram views as soon as you place your order.

    2. 100% Real views: The Instagram views you buy from us are from 100% genuine IG users. This ensures your profile’s safety and continued organic growth.

    3. Doesn’t break the bank: At buyinstantviews, we have something for everyone. With our budget-friendly packages, you can easily kickstart your growth and reach the heights of Instagram.

    4. Privacy guaranteed: We don’t ask for your passwords. You just have to enter your username and post URL to buy Instagram views from us.

    5. Safe and Secure: Forget about any data breaches. Our website has a 256-bit SSL certificate to keep your data off the reach of any scammers.

    6. Money back guarantee: With Buyinstantviews, you get a 60-day money back guarantee which can be claimed if you don't receive your Instagram views.

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    What Our Customers Are
    Talking About Us

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How can I purchase targeted Instagram views for cheap?

    At buyinstantviews, you can easily purchase targeted Instagram views. We offer a wide range of packages to fit every budget to make sure you meet your goals without breaking the bank.

    Will I get permanent views by buying Instagram views?

    The Instagram views you buy from us are permanent and never disappear from your posts and videos. The views we deliver are from authentic users which are not flagged as spam by the algorithm.

    If I buy Instagram views, will that hurt my account?

    No, buying Instagram views from buyinstantviews doesn’t hurt your account in any way. Instead, it helps in growing your account organically.

    Can I purchase Instagram views for my new account?

    You can buy Instagram views for your new account without worrying about any negative side effects. Buying Instagram views for a new account will only help you to give your account an initial boost.

    Will buying Instagram views benefit my business account?

    You can expect to see faster growth, enhanced visibility, and more followers if you buy real Instagram views for your business account. As a business owner, you can use these benefits to reach your target audience and increase your sales simultaneously.

    How many views does my video need to have to go viral on Instagram?

    You need millions of views to make your videos go viral on Instagram. You can do so by creating quality and relatable content and asking your loyal audience to share it with their network, or you can use the smart way and buy millions of Instagram views to go viral on Instagram.

    Will I get targeted views on my videos based on the content?

    Yes, our AI-based system analyses your niche and delivers views from authentic accounts interested in the same niche as yours to enhance your engagement and followers.

    How fast will the Instagram views be delivered?

    We start processing your Instagram views as soon as you place your order. We instantly deliver your Instagram views after your order is confirmed.