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Our digital services are very popular. We offer excellent solutions to improve your online visibility and reach more customers.

YouTube Views

Rule YouTube as the most viewed creator on the platform with our Buy YouTube Views services offering millions of YT views at the most affordable and competitive prices amongst all the social media growth service providers.

Instagram Views

Get your hands on the best quality Instagram views at the most affordable prices on the internet delivered instantly to your posts. Unlock soaring growth, unmatched visibility, and long-term benefits with our IG reel views services.

TikTok Views

Become the most viral creator on Instagram with BuyInstantViews’s Buy TikTok Views Service that offers thousands of real and quality views within seconds with a wide range of budget friendly prices to make you go viral almost overnight.

Spotify Plays

It's time to light up your path to success as a Spotify artist with our Spotify Plays service and get millions of Plays on your Spotify tracks at the most budget friendly prices. Buy Spotify plays and start turning your dreams into reality now!

Why BuyInstantViews
is best?

BuyInstantViews is the ultimate choice for a safe and efficient social media boost. With a steadfast commitment to security, our platform ensures the utmost protection for your accounts. Offering instant delivery, our services bring rapid results, coupled with 24/7 customer support.
Our non-drop views guarantee a lasting impact, making BuyInstantViews the go-to solution for individuals and businesses seeking a reliable and effective strategy to elevate their social media presence. Choose us for a seamless, secure, and supportive experience that delivers enduring results.

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What Our Customers Are
Talking About Us

  • Instant TikTok views, boosted my profile!

    Delila Rayam

  • YouTube views skyrocketed, super fast service!

    Terrilyn Werme

  • Instagram views delivered quickly, great results!

    Kyle Demayo

  • Reliable service for TikTok influencers, highly recommend!

    Minta Hadad

  • Boosted my YouTube channel, excellent customer support!

    Sherman Cibrian

  • Great Service. Views delivered within seconds.

    Adrianne Hagans

Frequently Asked Questions

YouTube Instagram TikTok Spotify

Can your service help me reach 4,000 hours of views in a few hours?

Absolutely! With our service, you can get thousands of hours of views on your YT videos within a few hours

Can I buy views for shorts as well?

Yes, our service works for both shorts and long form YT videos.

Is it safe and legal to buy YouTube videos?

Our customers never face any safety or legal issues after purchasing views from us.

Will my channel grow faster after I buy YT views?

Most of our customers have witnessed soaring growth in followers and organic views after purchasing views from us. So, yes! You can expect your channel to grow faster after you purchase YT views from us.

How much will it cost to buy 1 million YouTube views?

You can buy 1 Million YouTube views for as little as $5,500.

Will buying YouTube views help me earn from the platform?

Yes, you can unlock YouTube monetization after buying YT views.

What is the best site to buy YouTube views in 2024?

Buyinstantviews had emerged as the best website to buy YouTube views at the most affordable prices on the internet.

How does the number of YouTube video views impact the ranking?

The number of YouTube views on your videos can affect your channel’s overall ranking and growth. With more views, your channel is bound to grow faster with more organic impressions, views, and engagement.

Is it a good idea to invest in Instagram reel views?

Yes, you can enjoy many benefits like improved visibility, engagement, and thousands of views on your reels.

Can the views I purchase drop with time?

No, the views you buy from us are from real accounts and won’t be dropping ever.

Will my business get any benefits if I buy Instagram video views?

Businesses and brands can get a lot of exposure and visibility to reach their target customers after purchasing Instagram video views from us.

Can I see who viewed my Instagram videos?

No, Instagram’s privacy policy doesn’t allow anyone to see who viewed their videos. However, you can see who liked and engaged with your videos and IG reels.

Is there any limit to the length of IG reel videos I upload?

Instagram allows 15-90 seconds of IG reels on its platform. However, you can use third party tools to upload reels ranging from 5 seconds to 15 minutes.

When will I receive my Instagram reel views?

You’ll start receiving your IG reel views as soon as our system confirms your order.

Are these IG views targeted?

Yes, our AI-driven system scans your current audience then targets and shows your reels to the accounts that are most likely to engage with your content.

How many views do I need to make money on Instagram?

Instagram doesn’t have any policy or programs that pay for the views that you get on your videos. However, you can get brand deals and paid partnerships if you get thousands of views on your videos.

What counts as a view on TikTok?

A view is counted every time a user plays or replays a TikTok video.

Do I have to give my password to buy views for my TikTok video?

No, all we ask for is your basic details and URL of video you want to buy views for.

How long will it take before I receive my views?

Our state of the art delivery system starts delivering views right after your order is confirmed.

Is it safe to buy views for TikTok?

Yes, it’s absolutely safe and legal to purchase views for TikTok videos.

Are replays counted as a view on TikTok?

Yes, both plays and replays are also counted as views on TikTok

Can I get a refund?

Yes, you can get in touch with our customer support executives to claim your refund if we fail to deliver your views.

How can I buy views for Instagram as well?

You can easily purchase Instagram reel views by navigating to our Instagram service section.

Why should I buy TikTok Views?

You can buy TikTok views to increase your visibility, engagement, and even get noticed by the algorithm for long term organic growth.

Will the Spotigy plays I purchased from you disappear with time?

No, the Spotify plays that we deliver are original and do not drop with time.

Can anyone tell that I’ve bought Spotify plays?

There is no way for anyone to tell that you’ve bought plays for your Spotify tracks. Our service is completely anonymous and the plays are delivered at a natural pace to ensure your growth is seamless on the platform.

Will my profile be safe if I buy Spotify Plays?

Yes, your Spotify profile will be absolutely fine and safe after purchasing plays from our service.

How long will it take to get Spotify Plays?

Our automated delivery system ensures that you get your Spotify plays within seconds after you’ve placed your order.

Can I pay with crypto?

Yes, we offer crypto transactions and many other payment options like Mastercard, VISA, credit cards, Amex, Diners, Apple pay, and many more.

What can I do if I don’t receive my Spotify plays?

Though it won’t happen but if you don’t receive your Spotify plays then you can get in touch with our 24/7 available customer support executives.

How many Spotify Plays can I buy with your service?

Our highest package offers 50,000 Spotify plays which can be purchased multiple times to get as many plays as you want.

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