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Keeping Up With Gen Z: Know TBH Meaning, Teen Slangs & More

Still struggling to find out TBH meaning on Instagram?

In this hustle and bustle of daily life, teens have found time to coin words that have left us all puzzled. Putting up words like TBH and not knowing their meaning would be the worst situation to face.

This Genz lingo is quite difficult to catch up as their real sense can’t be figured out from the words and they keep adding more every other day. It will be your loss if you don’t stay updated with these new slangs.

To keep up with these Gen Z slangs and understand the meaning of the acronym TBH with its uses, follow along!

IG Slangs: The Social Media Dictionary

GenZ has introduced the world to a new set of vocab – Slangs, a fun and convenient way to communicate. Slang is an informal language that includes acronyms, words, and phrases used by millennials and GenZ in their social world and day-to-day conversations.

These words and expressions spice up the context and make these boring conversations sound cool and fun. And of course, One can definitely find out the person with whom they can relate through the understanding of these slangs.

Such slang abbreviations included TBH, LOL, No Cap, etc. But somehow a lot of people are not aware of the meanings and how to fit these IG slangs into their established vocab. Let’s head start our journey to understand their meaning and get noticed in this social world.

The Oldest in the Club: TBH 

The GenZ vocab dictionary isn’t compact and evolves on a regular basis. It has thousands of slangs and one of the most widely used acronyms is ‘TBH’. You all might have heard it once in your life and got curious about its meaning.

What Does TBH Mean?

‘To be honest’ or TBH, means a slang used among people to convey views and thoughts with pure honesty. One can express 

  • Their opinion
  • Admit a feeling
  • Pass a comment 
  • Give a compliment

For what they actually think about a certain post, person, or thing.

Users are going ahead with the slang ‘TBH’ in verbal conversations and chats on Instagram. You will detect them under posts and in IG stories as well. It helps in giving out an opinion with no hidden thoughts.

Moreover, TBH has evolved its forms. Currently, you will find people using it in the context of ‘To be heard’. Using these IG slangs can uplift our personality as people will find you relatable and reliable. This can help you with a high view count and engagement rate on Instagram.

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TBH Phrases on IG that slaps 🎇

To be honest, Instagram is a whole another dimension of trends and entertainment. To strengthen your position in this world, you need to gear up your game of using trendy slang that hits differently to the audience.

  • TBH, it’s not a big deal 
  • Like the post for TBH
  • TBH I don’t wanna work, but I have to, JK!
  • TBH I am not really into you.
  • Sundays are for brunching🥞, TBH it’s the highlight of my week

TBH as Workplace Jargon

Once you understand what TBH means and how to use the TBH slang, you can’t put off words and even use them in formal conversations.

  • TBH I didn’t understand anything about the project
  • TBH, you pull off the professional look too well.
  • All you need is confidence, TBH!
  • TBH on the newly elected Prime Minister?
  • TBH, you will have to work on these weekends as well.

Aesthetic GenZ Slangs to Sound Trendy

What Does TBH Mean - TBH Meaning

Like TBH, there are other slangs you should know to catch up with the Gen Z vocab and talk like you are one of them. Let’s have a look:

  1. BTS – Behind the scenes
  2. FOMO – Fear of missing out
  3. W – Win
  4. Ghosting – to stop replying to someone
  5. Cap – to Lie
  6. TFW – That feeling when
  7. Snack – Attractive person
  8. Woke- politically aware
  9. Drip – trendy outfit and style 
  10. Main Character – Charismatic personality 

#Slangs to Trend

Guess what? Numerous slangs hit the Instagram algorithm and bring out uniqueness in the content. Applying hashtags with these acronyms can make it reach a wider audience. This will generate free Instagram views and likes on the content and shoot up your IG profile.

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Let us give you some trending slang ideas:

  • #Bougie – something High class
  • #Fam – referring to family, friends, and other close ones
  • #GRWM – get ready with me 
  • #GOAT – something dope or Greatest of all time
  • #Out of pocket – Something that is offensive and inappropriate.

Using these words can enhance your popularity among your peers and elevate your personality. To increase your awareness about this social media slangs, stay updated with Genz slangs in trend and use it as your Internet slang dictionary.


The widespread adoption of Instagram slangs like TBH, ghosting, and W has eased communication. Understanding TBH meaning along with other dazzling terms and utilizing these slangs in Instagram Captions helps users to provide genuine thoughts and opinions in their posts.

Moreover, IG slangs in the work environment creates a sense of belongingness and understanding among the professionals. These slangs sound aesthetic and cool and help us all keep up with the trendy generation.

And yes! Have a grasp on these trendy lingos to write influential lines, and use them to create beautiful cards to impress your close ones. So headstart your session and think about aesthetic card ideas that ignite excitement in the hearts of this generation.

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