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How many views do you need to make money on youtube

YouTube has experienced a surge in the number of creators in recent years which is a great thing for the platform. Every creator on YouTube knows that their hard work is not a waste and ultimately they can make money through their videos. This drives tons of new creators to the platform. These new creators raise the ultimate question of “How Many Views Do You Need To Make Money On YouTube?”

This blog will answer this query once and for all. We’ll also discuss every possible way that creators can use to make money on YouTube. And finally, as a bonus, we’ll let you in on the secrets to increase your views on YouTube.

Let’s uncover the secrets of making money on YouTube

How to Get Paid For Views On YouTube

It’s time we bust this myth. YouTube doesn’t pay for the views that creators get on their videos. One can get a million views on a video and still not get paid for it if they don’t meet the monetization criteria of the platform. So what are those criteria? And more importantly, what basis does YouTube use to pay the creators?

So first of all you need to understand that YouTube pays the creators for the ads revenue that’s generated on their videos. Creators can also make money through:

  • Super Chats
  • Super Thanks
  • Channel memberships 

However, creators can’t just use these features right off the bat and must meet certain criteria.

A creator can only unlock monetization on their channel after they’ve met certain criteria on the platform. There are many monetization programs on YouTube. The enrollment criteria can differ based on the program the creator decides to enroll in. 

Every Possible Way to Make Money On YouTube

YouTube understands the importance of creators on its platform. That is why, they have launched multiple programs to hook the creators to their platform. Most of those programs come with monetization options which also motivates other creators to produce content on YouTube.

While these monetization programs are a great option, there are many other ways that creators can use to make money on YouTube like: 

YouTube Fan Funding

YouTube Fan Funding (YFF) is an exclusive program designed to target relatively new creators on the platform. The program lets the creators unlock certain monetization options on their channel and earn some great money through them.

The YFF program unlocks the super chat, channel memberships, super thanks, and some other monetization features for the channel.

The eligibility criteria for the program are as follows:

  • 500 subscribers are mandatory
  • Should have at least 3 Million YouTube Shorts views (in last 3 months) or at least 3000 watch hours on regular public videos
  • 3 public posts in the last 90 days

YouTube Partner Program

The YouTube Partner Program (YPP) is one of the most popular monetization programs on the platform. It unlocks a whole new bunch of money-making features for the creators that instantly multiply their incomes multiple folds. Once enrolled, you can enjoy options like Adsense revenue, YouTube Premium shares, Super Stickers, Merch, and a lot more.

You don’t need to reapply for the program if you are already enrolled in the YouTube Fun Funding Program. You’ll automatically be upgraded to YPP once you hit the following milestones:

  • 4000 watch hours on regular public videos or over 10 million views on YouTube shorts.
  • A minimum of 1000 subscribers

Brand Sponsorships

Brand Sponsorships are not an official YouTube feature but they definitely pack a lot more than any programs on the platform. Most successful creators make almost 70% of their revenue from sponsorships alone.

Brands love to approach established creators to make use of their fan following and authority over their audience. This is crucial to understand because any aspiring creator should build a strong authority from the very beginning to get sponsorship opportunities in the future. 

If we talk numbers, then there is absolutely no upper limit to how much money you can make through sponsorships. The bigger the brand, the bigger the numbers.

Affiliate Programs

Want to make some money by simply recommending products? Then you should definitely try incorporating affiliate links in your video descriptions. You must have noticed that some creators provide links to the products they use in their videos. Ever wondered why they do so?

It is because those are affiliate links that reward the creator with a share in the profit that is earned by selling any products through that link. You can easily enroll in affiliate programs of many e-commerce stores like Amazon and Wish, and start earning some hefty money through them.

How to Increase YouTube Views for More Income

Now that we’ve discussed how exactly you can make money on YouTube. It’s time we learn how to increase your YouTube views to maximize that income. Yes, you won’t get paid for the views but the more views you’ll have, the more monetization opportunities you’ll unlock. And the more options you’ll have, the more income you’ll generate.

So to get more views on YouTube follow these steps:-

  1. Understand your niche: A creator must choose a niche and stick to it. This ensures that you attract the right audience that can be targeted easily in the future.

  1. Introduce quality in your content: One of the best ways to instantly increase your views on YouTube is by improving your content’s quality. Quality content is organically promoted by the YT algorithm which can help you reach a broader audience in no time.

  1. Trends are underrated!: Always stay updated with the trends and make content around those topics while sticking to your niche. This won’t only get you some free YouTube views, but will also help in snagging more subscribers.

  1. Pay to make your way: You can always buy YouTube views from a trusted source like BuyInstantViews is also an effective way of increasing your YT views for an increased income.


YouTube understands the importance of creators on its platform and that is why, it keeps introducing new programs in their best interest. While a majority of people still think that YouTube pays for get more YouTube views. We hope this blog helped you understand the behind-the-scenes of the platform.

We’re sure that you can easily increase your YouTube views and income through the tips discussed in this blog. Moreover, if you’re looking to extend your content creation journey to Instagram, then you can check out our blog on ‘How to get more Instagram reel views’ and get millions of views on your IG reels.

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