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Top 7 Songs With The Most Plays on Spotify

Spotify is undoubtedly the biggest music library application in the world. With almost 600 Million active users, the platform is a haven for melomaniacs (those who love music). The platform has over 100 million songs which is a benchmark figure in itself But have you ever wondered, what song has the most plays on Spotify?

After boggling our minds for quite a long time, we have finally curated a custom list of the most loved songs on Spotify. As a bonus, we’ll tell you how you can get millions of views on your Spotify tracks and become a successful artist.

So Which Is The Most Streamed Song On Spotify

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that The Weeknd’s ‘Blinding Lights’ has become the most streamed track with the most plays on Spotify. It gets even crazier when we dig into the numbers because the song has snagged over 4.022 Billion plays on the platform. 

The track took only 4 years to become the most-played song on the platform which is a surprise when compared with its contenders. The song ‘Shape Of You’ is almost 7 Years old and is still in the #2 position of the most played tracks which is enough to understand the craze around ‘Blinding Lights’.

Top 7 Songs with Most Plays on Spotify 

Since we’ve already found the most played song on Spotify, it’s time to go beyond that. Here’s the list of the Top 7 most played tracks on the platform that have been ruling the platform for years.

1. Blinding Lights

With a whopping 4.022 Billion streams on Spotify, Blinding Lights by ‘The Weekend’ aces our list. Released back in November 2019, the track went viral almost instantly and has snagged the most plays on Spotify all time

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2. Shape Of You

Having over 3.77 Billion plays on Spotify, Ed Sheeran’s ‘Shape Of You’ has snagged the second position on our list.

Everyone who has listened to the song can agree that the track made the whole world groove on its beats. The song was just a hit that its official video became the most-watched music video on YouTube in almost no time.

Get Grooving –

3. Someone You Loved

On number 3 of our list is the song that united all the broken hearts. Lewis Capaldi’s ‘Someone You Loved’ has already been streamed over 3.2 Billion times on Spotify making it the third most played track on the platform.

Lewis revealed that it took him over 6 months to complete the lyrics for the song. Finally, the track was released in 2018 and snagged the number 1 position on the major music charts for weeks throughout the world. 

Bring Those Memories Back –

4. Sunflower

Sung by Post Malone and Swae Lee, Sunflower is a beautiful upbeat song that you’ll find in the playlist of almost every melomaniac. Featured in the animated movie SpiderMan: Into The Spiderverse, the song has gathered over 3.14 Billion views on Spotify and established itself as the fourth most played song on Spotify.

Time For Some Upbeats –

5. Starboy

You can understand the craze of ‘The Weeknd’ by the fact that it has made it in the top 5 most played songs on Spotify. Featuring Daft Punk and Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, ‘Starboy’ has gained over 3.09 Billion views on Spotify making it the fifth most played song on the platform.

Get on a galactic Upbeat –

6. Dance Monkey

With the perfect piano tones, a happy and electric feel, and the tendency to make anyone dance on its beats, Tones and I’s ‘Dance Monkey has made it as the Top 6 most played songs on Spotify.

Even though the track was released about 5 years ago, it already has over 3.03 Billion plays on the platform and is breaking new records with each passing day.

Shake It Off –

7. As It Was

Having over 3 Billion Plays on Spotify, Harry Styles’s ‘As It Was’ has secured the 7th position on our list. The song was released in 2022 and has already been streamed around 3 billion streams in almost 18 months.

These numbers are definitely not a surprise if you consider the fan following of Harry Styles. Besides, the song is such a bliss to the ears that it stayed on the top of the ‘Billboard Hot 100’ for over 15 weeks in a row.

Lay back & Relax –

Roadmap for a successful career on Spotify in 2024

Spotify has become the most-used music application on the internet and has become a promising platform for small artists. Before Spotify, new and small artists had very limited options to reach an audience.

After the launch of Spotify, these small artists could easily get their music in the limelight. However, an artist can’t just upload on Spotify and expect to go viral overnight. The process takes time but can be sped up with our tips.

  • Promote your content on other social media: Social media has become more than just an entertainment asset. Social media platforms are being extensively used as an effective marketing tool. Artists can take advantage of the same and promote themselves on social media platforms like Instagram, X (formerly known as Twitter), TikTok, and more. Through these platforms, you can provide links to your Spotify tracks and drive a direct audience.
  • Use YouTube for passive promotion: Artists can also use YouTube to promote their Spotify tracks that too without showing their faces. They just need to make a new YouTube channel and upload lyrical videos of their songs. 

And don’t worry if you’re an instrument player, you can always upload a copyright-free video with your instrumental audio in the background. 

  • A little investment goes a long way: As an artist, you can also buy Spotify streams from BuyInstantViews to get more Spotify plays. We deliver 100% real Spotify plays that can help artists increase their organic plays in the long run.

Final Words

Spotify is truly a haven for the best of the best artists. Almost every track that exists can be found on the platform and Blinding Lights has snagged the most plays on Spotify. Spotify has helped many new upcoming artists to start off their careers. However, Spotify is not the only way that artists can use to boost their careers.

New artists have all sorts of methods available to reach new audiences. The best way is indeed social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok but people don’t really know how to leverage its potential. That is why, we have prepared a guide for you on ‘How to get more views on TikTok’ to create a strong digital presence.

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