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Proven Strategies For YouTube Shorts Monetization in 2024

Hey there, YouTube shorts stars! Are you steaming up the platform with your bite-size genius creativity in the world of Shorts? We know that you can do others’ dance challenges and your hilarious skits leave your audience rolling on the floor with laughter. But here’s the real question: can all that creative fire translate into, well, some fire in your wallet?

Absolutely! Get ready to take off for looking at YouTube Shorts monetization through the eyes of a creator. This blog will tell you every last bit about turning your shorts’ superiority into money.

Introduction to YouTube Shorts

Launched in September 2020, YouTube Shorts is a feature within the popular video-sharing platform that caters to short-form video. This interesting feature of YouTube gets over 70 billion views every day. What makes YouTube Shorts particularly appealing is the built-in camera within the YouTube app. The platform has stormed social media, offering creators a whole new way to express themselves and potentially make some serious coin.

Can you make money from YouTube Shorts?

Yes, you can monetize YouTube Shorts and earn money from your content. It works similarly to how you can monetize standard YouTube videos. Advertisers pay to run their adverts on YouTube and creators are paid as their content is viewed by people on YouTube. Their ratio of distribution of the revenue between the platform and creators is 45:55. 

How does YouTube Shorts Monetization work?

First things first, YouTube splits up ad revenue generated on Shorts into a pool. Then, that pool gets divided up amongst creators based on the total views their Shorts rake in. So, the more views you score, the bigger your slice of the pie.

How Shorts Ad Revenue Works
Creator PoolSplitting the views into a pool
Shareable Ad RevenueCalculating Creators Views Share
Creator PaymentAllocating the money to the creators

Note – There’s also a bonus for going music-free. If you create killer Shorts without licensed music, you get to keep ALL of your share of the ad revenue. No need to split it with anyone. 

YouTube shorts monetization requirements

To monetize your YouTube shorts you need to have 1k subscribers and 10 million short views in the past 90 days. Here’s in detail on what you’ll need to unlock the YouTube shorts monetization:

Become a YouTube Partner Program (YPP) Member

YouTube shorts monetization requirements

This means your channel has hit some growth milestones, like having over 1,000 loyal subscribers and a certain amount of watch time on your longer videos. The criteria to become a YPP member as per the 2024 guidelines are the following:

  • 1k subscribers with 10 million shorts views in the last 90 days
  • 1k subscribers with 4000 hours of watch time in YouTube videos in the last 12 months

Free From Community Guidelines Strike

YouTube’s monetization policies require that your content be advertiser-friendly according to the guidelines. You must also have an account free of Community Guidelines strikes to monetize your youtube shorts.

How Much Do YouTube Shorts Pay?

According to a YouTube 2024 survey,  among the creators in the YPP, more than 25% of them make money through YouTube shorts. The payment to creators by YouTube Shorts ranges from $0.01- $0.06 per 1,000 views with the actual figure dependent on factors such as place, commercials, and interaction. 

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Proven Strategies to Monetize Your YouTube Shorts Organically

Now that you’re officially a contender for Youtube Shorts’ monetization glory, let’s talk about tactics. Here are some battle-tested ways to maximize your earning potential:

Craft Quality Content

Do not just produce shorts that disappear immediately like lightning in a storm. Instead, concentrate on making interesting and quality content such that your viewers long for more. Think about sharp visuals, fascinating storytelling, and the extra “wow” factor that will make your Shorts different from all others.

Hop on Trends

Capitalize on what’s hot! Study the latest challenges, sounds, and hashtags to add your touch. The world of social media is ever-changing, and the same applies to YouTube Shorts. Be up to date with what’s trending and increase YouTube views. This is your opportunity to ride on the crest of virality and widen your audience. 

Teamwork makes the dream work

Collaboration is a goldmine in the content creation world. Team up with other creators to expand your audience and reach. Collaborate with YouTubers who complement your style, or even surprise your audience with an unexpected collab. It’s a fantastic way to tap into new audiences and potentially spark some truly epic Shorts magic. 

Promote Your Shorts

Don’t be shy! Your Shorts deserve to be seen by the world. Share them on other social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter, and even consider embedding them in relevant blog posts. Get more eyeballs on your Shorts, and generate an ad revenue vault that starts to look like your personal piggy bank.

Duolingo, a popular free language learning app was facing the challenge of attracting younger audiences and making language learning feel less like a chore. They launched a dedicated YouTube Shorts campaign with catchy music, quick language tips, and funny scenarios. The humorous Shorts resonated with the target audience successfully drove users to download the Duolingo app and increased its download upto 16%.

Tackling Common Problems Faced by Creators in Monetizing Shorts

Monetizing Shorts in 2024 is like a journey, and there will be bumps along the road. But fear not, brave creator! Here’s how to tackle some common roadblocks and turn them into the secret of your shorts’ success:

Low views got you down?

Are you wondering why are my YouTube shorts not getting views? Shorts can get buried quickly due to the fast-paced nature of the feed. Due to this, many times your good content that deserves a lot of attention goes unnoticed.

Solution: Optimize titles and descriptions with relevant keywords to improve searchability. Utilize Shorts hashtags effectively to categorize your content. Engage with viewers through comments and replies to boost the channel’s visibility.

Shorts Monetization Got Some Limitations

Currently, there’s no direct ad revenue sharing for Shorts. This can limit earning money from YouTube shorts

Solution: Focus on building a loyal audience. Utilize the Shorts Fund, a pool of money YouTube distributes to creators based on performance. Partner with brands for sponsored content within Shorts.

Content creation challenges

The short format demands quick, creative content, which can be time-consuming. 

Solution: Plan themes or concepts in advance to streamline the creation process. Utilize templates and tools offered by YouTube Shorts to expedite production. Repurpose existing long-form content into bite-sized Shorts.

Copyright concerns

Using copyrighted music or clips can lead to demonetization. You can even get a copyright strike on your content.

Solution: Leverage royalty-free music libraries or create your soundtracks instead. Please ensure that it falls under the fair use guidelines when using copyrighted content. Seek clearance from its creator in case of wider application.

Building a community

The short format might limit interaction and community building.

Solution: Encourage viewers to subscribe to your main YouTube channel for deeper content. Utilize end screens and cards within Shorts to direct viewers to longer videos. Respond to comments and participate in discussions to foster a connection.

Ready to Monetize your YouTube shorts?

YT Shorts is a robust tool for creators to capitalize on their passion and make money through YouTube shorts monetization. If you focus on overcoming obstacles through strategy and quality, those short videos will provide you with income for a long time. So go grab your phone, as well as your creativity, because the Shorts world is waiting for you. We cannot wait for your awesome content to illuminate the platform and maybe even put some money in your pocket.

People Also Ask

  1. How much money for 1 million views on YouTube does a creator earn?

Youtubers can make up to $5.9 per 1k views. This indicates that their estimated earnings would be $1,200 to $6,000 per million views on the videos they post.

  1. How long can a YouTube short be?

YouTube Shorts can be up to 60 seconds long and can be a single video or a combination of multiple 15-second clips.

  1. Can you turn off YouTube shorts? 

On the home page, scroll down until you see the Shorts section. Click the X icon on the top right corner of the section. This will hide YouTube shorts from your feed for 30 days.

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