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How to Create a Spotify Blend for Perfect Playlists

Hey there, music lovers! Ever crave a playlist that perfectly captures the musical melting pot of your friendships? Do not worry because Spotify Blend is here to bring together your and your friends’ music preferences into a beautiful playlist that syncs well together. In this blog, we will delve into this feature, exploring how one can make the perfect playlist, opening up an entire world of music with their friends. 

What is Spotify Blend?

Launched in 2021, Spotify Blend is a joint playlist feature on Spotify (a direct contender of Apple Music) that allows you to collectively listen to different tracks alongside other ten members. It allows expressing your musical preferences to your family and buddies.

By having it refreshed every day with the most listened tracks of all individuals in it, you might discover some rare tunes from your friend’s song collection or remember those old hits that your friend introduced to you. It also introduces you to new artists and genres you might not have explored on your own.

How to make a Spotify Blend?

If you are in search of a new way to connect with people who have the same passion for music as you, create a Spotify Blend. Here’s how to create a blend on Spotify:

STEP 1: Open the Spotify app and tap on the “Search” tab.

STEP 2: Look for the “Made for You” section and tap on “Blend.”

STEP 3: You’ll see the “Invite” option.

STEP 4: Copy the spotify blend link and send it to friends.

STEP 5: When they get the invite, they’ll see the option to “Join This Blend.”

STEP 6: Once your friend has accepted the invite, the app will generate your shared Blend Spotify playlist.

How to Make a Blend on Spotify with Artists?

Can’t decide on a friend? No worries, Spotify lets you create a blend playlist with your favorite artist too. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Head to the artist’s profile on Spotify.
  • Go to the three dots
  • Tap on “Blend” and Spotify will generate a playlist that combines your top tracks with the artist

Exciting Features of Spotify Blend 

The beauty of the Blend on Spotify lies within its unbeatable features like:

Daily Updates: Your Blend gets a refresh every day, ensuring your playlist stays current with your evolving musical tastes. If you are a struggling artist on the platform, creating a blend with your listeners can help you increase your spotify streams.

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Taste Match Score: Ever wondered how well your musical preferences align with your friend’s? The Blend even shows you a “taste match score” to add a touch of friendly competition. If your taste match score is above 75% with your friend or partner, you are more likely to share the same music taste.

test match score for spotify blend

Story Sharing: Feeling proud of your co-curated masterpiece? You can share your Blend story on other social media platforms and let the world know about your musical synergy. 

A Spotify user Maria noticed a new feature “Blend with Miley Cirus” on her homepage. Curious, she clicked on it and she got a shared playlist with her favorite artist. Maria shared her “Blend with Miley Cirus” playlist on her social media accounts to spread the word to her friends and fellow fans. This made her increase her profile views by 16% on various social media platforms. 

What can you use Spotify Blend for in 2024?

You can use the blend feature on Spotify for various purposes like family fun, date night gatherings, and more. Let’s have a look in detail at some areas where the blend feature can be useful ;

Family Fun

Gone are the days of endless car trip arguments over the radio. The Blend feature offers a bridge between generations. Create a Blend with your parents or siblings and watch the musical magic unfold. It’s a chance to bond over shared tunes and create a playlist that truly reflects the unique musical vibe of your family.

Date Night Vibes

Planning a date night but struggling to pick the perfect playlist? Create a Blend with your significant other to ensure the music caters to both of you. Imagine slow dancing to a song you both rediscovered through your Blend playlist or laughing over a hilariously unexpected track that snuck into the mix. It’s like a personalized soundtrack for your special evening.

Party Playlist Powerhouse

Planning a get-together and want to ensure the music caters to everyone’s taste? Ditch the DJ and get your friends involved. Create a Blend playlist with a few close companions. It’s a recipe for a party filled with singalongs, dance-offs, and the joy of discovering new favorites together. We did a survey and the results told us that upto 40% of spotify users utilize blend playlists for their house parties and get-togethers

Personal Musical Exploration

Who says you need a partner to enjoy the Blend feature? Use it as a tool for personal musical exploration. Create a Blend with music artists that you are passionate about and just wait to see what comes out. Exploring their music taste deeply is a great way to find out more about them and also identify some hidden songs you may have overlooked. 

Groove on the Beat of Your Blend Playlist

Spotify Blend is a powerful tool for music lovers of all kinds. It’s a chance to explore new genres, share your sonic loves, and forge deeper connections through the universal language of music. So, grab your phone, gather your musical partners, and get ready to create a symphony of spotify collaborative playlists with this amazing feature. Hit that “Blend” button and let the musical adventure begin.

People Also Ask

1. Where can I find all my Blend playlists?

You should see the 10 most recently created Blends on the Made For Two shelf within your Made For You hub. Blends are auto-added to the other persons’ libraries as well.

2. When I click on a Blend invitation link, Spotify opens up but then nothing happens, why?

To solve this problem make sure that your browser app and Spotify app are up to date and then try again.

3. Can you leave a spotify blend?

You can leave a Blend at any time by opening the Blend playlist you’d like to leave, tapping the three dots (…), and then choosing ‘Leave Blend’. You and the other person won’t be able to see the Blend anymore.

4. What time does Spotify Blend update?

Spotify updates the Blend playlist daily based on your and your group members’ listening activities.

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