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Does Instagram notify you when you screenshot a story

Have you ever scrolled through a hilarious story and wanted to capture it for later laughs? Or you stumbled upon a friend’s travel post that deserves a permanent spot in your gallery. You wish to capture a screenshot of such amazing stories, but then a nagging question pops up:  Can people see if you screenshot their story? 

Fear not, story detectives, because we’re here to crack the case. This blog will solve all your queries on Instagram screenshot policy and equip you with tips to navigate the world of content privacy. 

Can people see if you Screenshot their Instagram Story?

Can people see if you Screenshot their Instagram Story

Take a chill pill guys! In 2024, Instagram does not notify users when you screenshot their story. So, feel free to capture those vacation boomerangs or cooking tutorials without the worry of getting caught.   

This is a big shift from 2018 when Instagram briefly experimented with a feature that showed a shutter icon next to the usernames of those who screenshotted stories. Thankfully, that feature got many complaints and didn’t last long. 

Does Instagram notify you when you screen-record a story?

Similar to Instagram screenshots, the app doesn’t snitch on-screen recordings either. There’s no notification alerting the user that their story has been recorded on someone else’s phone.  

However, it’s important to remember that screen recordings capture everything on your screen, not just the story itself. This means the username and profile picture of the person who posted the story might also be recorded.

Best Tips to Maintain Content Privacy for Instagram Stories

While Instagram doesn’t notify you about screenshotting or screen-recording, there are still some ways to keep your Instagram content secure from unwanted attention. Let’s have a look

Keep Your Account Private

This option won’t be desirable for aspiring Instagram Influencers because it can somehow affect their Instagram views. But this is a great way to ensure the privacy of your Instagram content. It’s estimated that approximately 40% of all Instagram accounts are set to private. 

This allows you to filter the people who can see your content since you have to manually approve people as followers. As such, you can limit your viewership to only include people you trust not to take screenshots of your Stories or reuse them without your approval.

Use the “Close Friends” Feature

Use the Close Friends Feature

Want to share something special with a select group? Utilize the “Close Friends” feature. This allows you to choose exactly who sees your story, keeping your private moments, well, private.

Hide Your Stories From Certain Users

If you want to share your Story with a wider audience but are worried about certain users screenshotting it for their benefit, you can even choose to hide your Story from them. This is a particularly useful feature to have if you’ve encountered privacy issues with certain users and accounts. 

How to Hide Your Instagram Stories?

To hide your IG stories from specific users follow these steps:

  • Go to your account privacy settings 
  • Tap on “Story” and select “Hide story from.” 
  • In the search bar type the name of the users 
  • Tap on “Done”

Ready to Screenshot that Insta Story?

So, the next time you encounter a story that deserves a screenshot, go for it!  Instagram won’t send any notification alerts. But remember, with great screenshotting power comes great responsibility. Use it wisely, be respectful of story creators, and explore effective ways to interact with content on the platform. Now get out there and screenshot those Instagram gems, but responsibly.

Most Asked Queries

  1. Does Instagram send a notification when you screenshot a DM?

No, Instagram doesn’t notify you if you take a screenshot of a DM

  1. How do you save Instagram pictures without screenshots?

There are many third-party apps like downloader for Instagram, Insta Saver which you can use to save IG pictures without screenshots. 

  1. Does Instagram Notify users when you take a screenshot of their post?

No, the users don’t receive instagram screenshot notifications if you take a screenshot of their post.

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